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 Starlette's Guide to Rapid Expansion

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PostSubject: Starlette's Guide to Rapid Expansion   Tue 27 Jan 2009 - 17:31

So your cities have lvl 8 fields and you can make a maceman every 5 minutes. If this seems like a good idea, go hit yourself in the head with a whiffle bat.

You may have heard it said that population is not the measure of a good player. It's true, but the other extreme is the noob that has no wheat production because he has 2 x 4/4/4/6 villages and 3000 defensive troops.

It is not a coincidence that our largest hammers are generally held by our highest population players. These guys have learned the benefit of investing.

Let's say you make 200 maces and send them on a raid and they all die, that's 100% loss. Those same resources spent on a field pay themselves off in around 7 days and for the rest of the server it is simply profit. Soon, the resources lost on 200 maces becomes pocket change.

This guide will be fairly simple, because the concepts are simple.

When you found a new village you need to make 2 things a priority...

Your production buildings/fields (things that pay for themselves) should be your number 1 priority. This also includes taking a hero mansion to 10 and getting an oasis if available. (the 1st one pays itself off very quickly)

As soon as those are done, or if you can push it earlier perhaps with gold... your town hall.

Throwing parties everyday should be done in every city that it is possible to do it in. (only your capital might be an exception and for most of us that is not the case currently)

After that, anything left can go into infrastructure, offensive and defensive troops, and supplying other villages.

The goal is to have all villages producing the maximum amount of resources and CP. Eventually you will also want trade offices in all of your cities.

The embassy is also a good source of cheap additional CP, I make them in all of my feeder villages early on as they are high CP buildings.

Spending resources on parties may seem like a waste but there is not a top 40 player that is not partying all the time. I am currently throwing 12 large and 1 small party everytime they are available. Thats 1.24 million resources spent on parties every 48 hours. Partying in every village may soon become a requirement. It should be a personal requirement that you are already meeting and its one of the first things I check on when I get to the computer. I cannot stress enough how valuable this is and you will soon see the benefits to doing so regardless of the cost of resources now.

I also generally like to gold up a main building if I do not plan on golding the entire village. This takes 50% off the time it takes to complete your village. That can mean days and far more than the cost of the main building.

If you have a village to 7's and 8's when you are approaching the time that CP will allow you to settle another, you should finish the residence to 10 and make settlers and then go back to pushing fields. The reason is, shipping a few thousand resources into this new city as soon as you are able to make it will allow it to become self sufficient for awhile.

You should always settle as soon as you are able to.

Really, its not difficult but the players who follow these guidelines are the ones on top. Once you have a few villages "complete" on resources you can work on defensive infrastructure and ship resources to help the new villages. You will be able to protect yourself soon and continue growth.

Also, each village you settle makes the rest of them less important. If you have 2 villages and 1 gets wheatlocked its devastating. If you have 20 and you lose 1, its not really a big deal and rebuilding is extremely fast. The only villages you MUST protect are your capital and hammer. The others should be built as defense/supply villages as per the previous anvil guide.

*Edit* - One more thought...

When you are upgrading a new village take them up evenly. Like, all fields to 1, then all fields to 2.

Having 1 field at 9 and others at 3 is not a good way to grow. The time you spend waiting for those resources is time that your not making the additional resources you could have made. I take all wheat to 1 first, then take the others up to 1 evenly. Then all wheat to 2, repeat.

Wheat fields are the cheapest and have the lowest consumption so you get more for your money this way.
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PostSubject: Re: Starlette's Guide to Rapid Expansion   Thu 29 Jan 2009 - 11:43

Basically this is what I do.

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Starlette's Guide to Rapid Expansion
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