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 Killing Kittens - Starlette's Catapult Defense Guide

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PostSubject: Killing Kittens - Starlette's Catapult Defense Guide   Mon 19 Jan 2009 - 17:37

This should be short and sweet.

Ok, I have seen several catapult attacks launched but many of them just resulting in simple rein requests.

This is fine if you are confident that the defenses are ample enough to stand up to a hammer, but when the attacks are waves of fakes sent all over the real target may be lightly reinforced and not capable of stopping the clear.

Lets say you have 5 waves incoming...

Wave 1 landing at 5:00:00
Wave 1 landing at 5:00:01
Wave 1 landing at 5:00:02
Wave 1 landing at 5:00:02
Wave 1 landing at 5:00:03

That is 5 waves across 4 seconds.

On a 5 wave attack the initial wave can be assumed to be the clear. Usually it only has 1 cat to slow it down, and perhaps some rams which I believe figure against the wall before the rest of the attack is calculated anyways. So the only real damage in the 1st wave is typically the troop killers as it should be very large.

This means the most likely scenario is the additional 4 waves are cats with an escort, usually much smaller than the clear. Now, the goal is to reduce damage to yourself as much as possible. On 4 waves the max possible targets to take damage is 8.

A good player here could move defenses out of their base to a nearby friendly village as a reinforcement. Calculate the time to return when you recall them and land them back in base at exactly 5:00:01

This avoids the clear but catches the cats.

If others are reinforcing you, its only fair to tell them when the reinforcements should land. Coordinated defenses like these send a very clear message to the attacker and they will think twice about how to proceed with the next attack.

Now, if I were attacking someone and they managed to pull this off... my next attack might be 8-10 waves.

Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:00 - Single Cat
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:01 - Single Cat
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:02 - Single Cat
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:03 - The Real Clear
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:03 - Cat Wave
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:04 - Cat Wave
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:05 - Cat Wave
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:06 - Cat Wave
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:06 - Cat Wave
Wave 1 - landing at 5:00:07 - Cat Wave

10 waves across 8 seconds.

If you see 8-10 attacks inbound, unless you are loaded with defenses you might gamble and rein after the 1st few waves. Mixing up the real clear is a good strategy to catch someone reining in after the 1st wave. If you have someone attack with 5 waves, and come back next time with 10... unless a lot of time has passed this is likely what they are trying to do. This is also why a good attacker screens the real attack with fakes on other villages, or alliance members. However, they still must split the attacks into a clear and then the waves if they wish to do damage. If you lack a ton of defense, this is the best way to handle those attacks.

25,000 troop clears do not do a whole lot of good if a defender is crafty enough to avoid them and kill the cats. The clear will not come back until enough cats are rebuilt.

This also shows why it is important to post the land time of the attack waves.

This is good...
I have 5 attacks incoming from 55|55 landing at my village 44|44
They are coming in at cat speed and land in around 10 hours. (sometimes attacks can come from a couple days away, we want to make sure we know when they land so you could do this, or date it)
I have 55000/80000 wheat
Wall is at 17
Land times are posted in EST (as they always should be)
5:00:00 am
5:00:01 am
5:00:02 am
5:00:03 am
5:00:04 am
(If you are planning to skip the 1st wave, this is when you should be stating you are doing so and could add the following line)
The attack is close enough that I may not have enough defenders to break the clear, so lets time all reins to arrive at 5:00:01 am

This is bad...
I have 5 attacks incoming to my village Rilafanciamakermojokilla that will land in around 10 hours.
Please send all reins that can get here in the next 10 hours.

It is almost impossible to give too much information when coordinating defenses, but its a crime to not give enough and ultimately you may pay the price.

Players need to be able to coordinate their own defenses, if you have questions your BG Leaders should be able to assist... and some may even wish to jump in and help run the defenses. You should still have an idea of how to proceed.

Post it in the proper BG forum, send a message to the BG Leader and/or Wing Officers that contains the info in a format that can be pasted into an MM. Do not make us have to edit it, or request information from you. It slows everything down and creates work.

If you message us about the incoming attacks and you want an MM sent out, do not refer us to the forum post. Give us the information we need to send the MM in the IGM.
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Killing Kittens - Starlette's Catapult Defense Guide
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