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 Slayne's Browser-based Tricks

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PostSubject: Slayne's Browser-based Tricks   Mon 19 Jan 2009 - 17:35

Slayne's Browser-based Tricks:

1. Cat launching

Cats should always be sent in multiple waves that have already been set up in multiple tabs, then scrolled through with control+tab while pressing OK repeatidly. 4 waves per second is the goal.

2. Easy farming

Use Firefox. Open up all of your farms' village profiles with "open in new tab". After you have them all open, create a folder in your bookmarks section called "xxxxx (village name)'s farms". Then, click the option that says "bookmark all tabs", and every single farm you have will be auto-bookmarked into the folder. Then, when you want to farm, click on the folder and click "open all tabs" and every single farm's village screen will be brought up instantly. This will speed up your farming process by at least 4X.

3. Dual and Triple account playing via sitter function.

It's possible to play your own account and your sitees at teh same time. All you have to do is load up diffferent browsers. You could, for instance, play yourself in FF, one sittee in IE, and another in Opera. This is a great trick for time scheduled sitting to achieve 24/7 play as you won't have to repeatidly log in and out.

4. Ultimate addon

Mozilla Firefoz has an addon known as Travisimo that is both legal, and incredibly useful. Among it's features are:
preset trades that you can set up, and offer over and over again with the press of a single button.
auto-battle calculations for every report you read it will tell you what percentage of carry capacity you brought back and totals of both atatcker and defender resources.
Many other minor features. It can be downloaded at http://travissimo.sourceforge.net/

EDIT: Travissimo is no longer considered legal, it is however, nigh untraceable. Your morals are your own.
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Slayne's Browser-based Tricks
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