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 Obnomauk's Basic Tactics

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PostSubject: Obnomauk's Basic Tactics   Mon 19 Jan 2009 - 17:34

The Artful Dodge Part 1

Q: I see an incoming attack what should I do?
A: Most likely you should dodge.

What am I a coward? shouldn't I pull in every unit I have and defend?!?

99% of the time the answer to this question is no. and for a very simple reason: most of the attacks that come in to you will either be raids or fakes meant to scatter our defense as an alliance. if you are terrified of an incoming attack at your village how likely are you to send troops to someone who may need them?

And that is exactly the point of the barrage of fakes. This is a standard tactic in Travian and Gladius has used it to great effect ourselves. that's why I am going to share with you, my clan mates, the secret of the dodge.

First we need to know if we should dodge or not. Ask yourself a few questions:

Is this an attack or a raid?

IF it is a raid it is either a fake or a probe or just someone looking for a farm. if it's one of the first two it's clumsy and poorly played mark that player down as they are likely not so great and can be destroyed later. if it's the last, mark them down as this is a player who doesn't use tools to find farms and strikes out blindly, might be someone to nuke later on.

Presuming it's not a raid:

How many attacks do you have incoming?
If it's only one then either your opponent is stupid or faking you. only one way to know which it is:

how fast is it moving?

If it's anything faster than 4 fields it's either a fake, a probe or a clearing wave. 4 fields is the speed that a ram travels. 3 fields is the speed of a catapult every other unit in the game moves significantly faster than this. if you have been offline for a couple hours and notice an incomming attack that lands in 10 minutes the longest time that attack could have been traveling is two hours and 10 minutes, by using tools such as this:
you can determine how far away your attacker is unless they are pretty dang close 2 hours and 10 minutes is way too fast to be catapults or rams. so what is this attack coming my way? it's a fake.


lets say I saw the same attack incoming and it lands in seven hours. now the longest it could have been incoming is 9 hours.... using the tool and calculating my distance and the speed of the units involved i might get 3 and a half fields.. that has to be catapults at least one of them for sure.


it's that simple. if you see the attack coming you can use your noggin to understand what kind of attack it is and make the right decision.

so here are my simple rules of being attacked:

1) don't panic
2) don't take it personal (taking it personal often leads to stupid mistakes)
3) know your distance and time before you do anything
4) spend down resources and send out all units to either reinforce an ally or attack a farm in all cases that are not catapult attacks.
5) if you are positive it is catapults contact all alliance members in your immediate vicinity via IGM then post to the forum. if there is enough time before the attack lands (and if it's catapults there really should be or you don't check the game often enough) defense will come pouring in.

DO NOT DEFEND AGAINST FAKES!!! this is what they want you to do. your defensive troops might be needed elsewhere and you need to be willing to send them. if you panic and defend you aren't helping the alliance. If the fake is more than a few units and you loose units to the attack, you have lost resources. even if you kill a lot of the attacking troops, you have lost resources. even if your cranny keeps the surviving enemy from taking any bounty home, you have lost resources. If you dodge and spend down your resources, your attacker has lost a very important resource: time.

ONE MORE THING: if you defend and one enemy unit survives you have done more than lost resources, you have given up information on troop strength. however if an enemy attacks and you dodge, which one of us has more information now?

think about it.

Travian is a game of resources: there are the four resources our villages produce, then there is our time, and finally information. the winner is the one who looses the least of all these resources. that's what it comes down to.

Sorry for the long message but this is all very important and I want to make sure that everyone understands this about the game.

Your friendly neighborhood Obnomauk.
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Obnomauk's Basic Tactics
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