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 Evil Jakes Capital Development Walkthrough

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PostSubject: Evil Jakes Capital Development Walkthrough   Mon 19 Jan 2009 - 17:31

This is a rough break down of a number of things with regards to 15c capitols that I threw together.

(I did this breakdown for my cap on S3, which only had 75% wheat oasis. You can add 25% to the numbers for a 100%, 50% for a 125%, etc)

I'm primarily going to go over starting a 15c cap, which buildings you need and go into detail about the amount of wheat produced per hour at each lvl from lvl 10-18 and provide a rough (and aggressive) build schedule for estimating how long it should take to go from lvl 10 to lvl 18 wheat fields.

All of these numbers are accurate for a 15c which contains the following:
1. lvl 5 flour mill and bakery
2. 75% worth of wheat oasis, either one 50% oasis and one 25% oasis, OR three 25% oasis
3. The extra 25% wheat bonus available with a gold.

First off, these are some of the building tricks and priorities you need to employ in order to build up to lvl 18 wheat fields in a minimum amount of time, this HAS to be done with gold in order to meet this kind of build schedule, and yes, this is the build schedule I'm currently using for my cap on s3, minus a few of my mistakes.

phase 1:

0. Barracks - no higher than lvl 5, build a few hundred raiding troops to speed up the initial growth.
1. Build main building lvl 5
2. Upgrade your warehouse and granary a ways so that you can receive shipments from your other village(s) (and as needed to upgrade other buildings)
3. build a marketplace lvl 1.
4. start upgrading wheat fields
5. Build lvl 1 flour mill when all wheat fields are lvl 5
6. build lvl 3 flour mill when all wheat fields are lvl 6
7. build lvl 4 flour mill when all fields are lvl 7
8. embassy lvl 1
9. palace lvl 1 (switch cap)
10. rush one wheat field to lvl 10
11. flour mill lvl 5
12. bakery lvl 3
13. back to wheat fields
14. bakery lvl 4 when all wheat fields are lvl 9
15. bakery lvl 5 when all wheat fields are lvl 10

*Note: each night you should be upgrading your main building at least 1-2 lvls until it is lvl 20

** Also upgrade your warehouse and granary as needed, you should be using NPC about once a day by the time you are close to all lvl 10 fields in order to pay for upgrading more fields etc, a full granary is wasted wheat, try to time things so that you are using NPC when it gets close to full. The more your granary holds, the fewer times you need to NPC and the more warehouse space you need to hold all of your resources)

*** If you have 4 or 5 other villages, you may want to consider pushing one residence to lvl 20. If not, build a lvl 10 palace in order to settle your primary offensive town next to your capitol (this should be done as soon as you have the culture points needed to settle)

By the end of phase I you should have:
- main building lvl 20
- wheat fields lvl 10 (15x)
- Bakery and flour mill both lvl 5
- warehouse lvl 15-20
- granary lvl 20 (2x)
- embassy lvl 1
- palace, either lvl 1 or lvl 10
- marketplace lvl 1 (needed for NPC)
- a support village near your cap

Phase II

1. demo your embassy
2. hero's mansion lvl 10
3. conquer wheat oasis
4. hero's mansion lvl 15
5. conquer wheat oasis
6. 2 more granary lvl 20's (total of 4)
7. warehouse lvl 20 (total of 2)
8. settle at least 2 more support villages near your cap (3 total)

Phase III

In this phase I'm giving a bit more detailed of a breakdown. First I'm going to list out the buildings you will need to have in your village center in order to build lvl 18 wheat fields.

You should concentrate on the granaries first, as you are going to need a lot of storage space for all the crap loads of wheat you are about to be producing.

This is the exact list of buildings needed for upgrading, the number of warehouses is the bare minimum needed, once you have lvl 18 (or 19 if that's how high you are going) fields, you can (and SHOULD) demo some of your warehouses in order to build some other buildings you will need to properly use your cap.

Buildings (total of 20 building spots):
1 - Main building: lvl 20
1 - marketplace lvl 1-20
1 - Flour mill lvl 5
1 - bakery lvl 5
7 - warehouses
9 - granaries

In order to have this building mix, you will need to demo your palace and your hero's mansion at some point. (generally around lvl 16 or 17 wheat fields)

Some pointers, build up granaries first, you don't really need a 3rd warehouse until you get to lvl 13 or lvl 14 fields and you only really need 7 for lvl 18 fields, so you can build them up slower than your granaries, those should all be by the time you are building lvl 16 fields.

Seeing as how you have to demo your hero's mansion, it's generally a very good idea to grab a 3rd wheat oasis (if one is available) prior to doing this.

Building schedule:

Here is the schedule for the wheat fields, you will need to factor in building granaries and warehouses into these times, but those are so much cheaper that they are effectively a non issue in terms of upgrading. (Since you will be using insta-build for higher lvl fields unless you want to spend 20-200 hours waiting for each field to upgrade)

Also, none of my regular resource fields are above lvl 7 in my cap. I only upgrade my wheat fields above lvl 10.

Wheat fields:
All lvl 10 fields:
Hourly: 6,750
Daily: 162,000
Total resources needed for a lvl 11 field = 42,180 ea.
Can build potentially 3.8 lvl 11 fields every day to begin with (this time drops with every field you upgrade)

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 10 to lvl 11 fields - 4-6 days

All lvl 11 =
Hourly: 11,813
Daily: 283,512
Total resources needed for a lvl 12 field = 70,445 ea.
Can build potentially 4 lvl 12 fields every day to begin with (this time drops with every field you upgrade)

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 11 to lvl 12 fields - 4-5 days

All lvl 12 =
Hourly: 15,825
Daily: 379,800
Total resources needed for a lvl 13 field = 117,640 ea.
Can build potentially 3.2 lvl 13 fields every day to begin with (this time drops with every field you upgrade)

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 12 to lvl 13 fields - 5-6 days

All lvl 13 =
Hourly: 20,888
Daily: 501,312
Total resources needed for a lvl 14 field = 196,445 ea.
Can build potentially 2.5 lvl 14 fields every day to begin with (this time drops with every field you upgrade)

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 13 to lvl 14 fields - 6-8 days

All lvl 14 =
Hourly: 26,794
Daily: 643,056
Total resources needed for a lvl 15 field = 328,070 ea.
Can build potentially 1.96 lvl 15 fields every day to begin with (this time drops with every field you upgrade)

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 14 to lvl 15 fields - 8-10 days

all lvl 15 =
Hourly: 33,750
Daily: 810,000
Total resources needed for a lvl 16 field = 547,880 ea.
Can build potentially 1.5 lvl 16 fields every day to begin with (this time drops with every field you upgrade)

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 15 to lvl 16 fields - 10-12 days

all lvl 16 =
Hourly: 42,188 / hr
Daily: 1,012,512
Total resources needed for a lvl 17 field = 914,960 ea.
Can build potentially 1 lvl 17 field per day to start with.

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 16 to lvl 17 fields - 13-16 days

all lvl 17 =
Hourly: 54,844
Daily: 1,316,256
Total resources needed for lvl 18 fields = 1,527,985 ea.
Can build potentially 1 field per day (with other villages supplying the needed 211,729 resources)
OR can build .86 fields per day

Rough time needed to upgrade from lvl 17 to lvl 18 fields - 16-20 days

all lvl 18 =
hourly: 67,500
Daily: 1,620,000

If you want to build lvl 19 wheat fields you need a minimum of 12 warehouses and a #*$! load of gold.

Lvl 19 wheat field resource cost:
wood: 714,485
clay: 918,625
iron: 714,485
wheat: 204,140
Total: 2,551,735

Each warehouse holds 80,000
12 warehouses hold: 960,000 of each resource.

This leaves you in a predicament as you only have 20 build spots. with the buildings previously listed, that only leaves room for 4 granaries (320,000 capacity)

You can overcome this and build lvl 19 fields however, here are some of the ways you can do this.

zero your main building. yes, it's crazy, but you don't technically NEED a main building in order to build things... your build times will likely be 2-6 months per level (guesstimating), but since you are a gold user, insta-build is your friend. This gives you another granary space. total of 5 (400,000 capacity)

given how fast your granary is going to fill up, you will need to NPC often. in order to build 1 lvl 19 field you are looking at a minimum of needing to NPC about 6 times PER field. (90 times for all 15) at 3 gold a pop... that's 18 gold per level and 270 gold for all levels, not including the gold you will need to insta-build.

Another option is to build about 8 granaries (640,000 capacity) and 3 warehouses (240,000 capacity) in one of your support villages and constantly ship as much wheat from your cap to that village as you can. Then when you fill up that villages granaries, NPC it to the other resources, fill up the warehouses and ship the resources back. You will still need to NPC in your cap as there is no way in hell to move resources fast enough to your support village and back for it to not fill up (unless you are a meth addict and don't sleep that is)

Why on earth would you want to do this?

All lvl 19 wheat fields =
hourly: 84,375
daily: 2,025,000

Thats an extra 405,000 resources per day... (personally, I'm not rich enough to afford paying for enough gold to get lvl 19 fields...)


Excluding time spent building warehouses and granaries (which can be as long as a couple weeks if you don't use your support villages and farming for it) you can go from lvl 10 fields to lvl 18 fields in about 60-80 days. Having support villages to push your cap resources can drop that to around 50-60 days.

So basically 2-2.5 months from lvl 10 to lvl 18 if you push for it. This should proabably take longer, as you will be building up lots of troops while doing this, which will cut into your wheat production. However, if you have a 100-150% oasis for your cropper, you can use the amounts in excess of the amount you would have with only 75% and use that to help rapidly build up your other villages / hammer.

Now for a little comparison.

A 15c (with the 75% wheat oasis and the +25% from gold) with lvl 10 fields:
Hourly: 6,750
Daily: 162,000

A 15c cap (same wheat bonuses) with lvl 18 fields:
Hourly: 67,500
Daily: 1,620,000

The cap with lvl 18 fields produces 10x what a cropper can produce with lvl 10 fields.

In other words, you would need to settle TEN 15c's and build them all up to lvl 10 fields in order to have an equivalent amount of resource production.

And frankly, that takes a lot longer to do than it does to build up lvl 18 fields. (not to mention the difficulty of finding 10 15c's to settle and supplying them with enough resources to get off the ground and the distances between that many croppers, etc)
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Evil Jakes Capital Development Walkthrough
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